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How to propose fix/change to the website?

Anyone with a Github account can participate.

The website is built from markdown files (.md) and served directly from githubopen in new window.

Open the editor with the "Edit this pages on Github" link at the bottom.

When ready to propose your changes just select "Create a new branch" and give it a name:
Propose Changes

Your proposed changes will be merged after review.

Editing the website on your machine (advanced contributors)

If you prefer to preview exactly your change, then you need to run vuepress on your machine and modify the markdown files with an editor (e.g. VSCode).


For the one-time vuepress installation do:

$ cd ~/suibase/workdirs/common/extensions/dtp/docs
$ pnpm install

To start vuepress (the server) do:

$ cd ~/suibase/workdirs/common/extensions/dtp/docs
$ pnpm start
Open your browser at http://localhost:8080

The browser updates as you change files under docs/src

See in new window for advanced markdown features.

Submit your changes as a pull request, just ask as needed (not as hard as it seems once you do it once).